Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why would you use cloth diapers?

Nothing blogerific has happened recently. Yep, nothin'. It's been too hot to go out and play, or to cook anything. So, we're just gonna talk about diapers again.

In my last post, we talked about different types of cloth diapers {and there are many!}. This time we'll talk about they whys. Why on earth would about 10% of mamas and daddys cloth diaper their babies?

To start with, cloth diapers are super cute! You can get diapers and covers in a variety of prints and colors. Although new sposie diapers are coming out with cute prints and colors, you still have to throw them away. Cloth diapers can be worn over and over again. The cuteness keeps on coming!

They are also greener - both environmentally and color-ly. Although cloth diapers do use water and energy to wash them, they don't end up in a landfill. For 500 years. By the time my sposie diapers break down and go away, my great {x16) grandchildren will be wearing diapers. And considering that a baby goes through about 7,000 diaper changes before potty learnin', that's a lot of landfill waste.

Then, when you consider that if those 7,000 diapers are sposies, and cost about 25 cents each, that's $1,750.00 spent. Cloth diapers are more expensive per diaper, but can be used over and over and over. The cost savings add up, especially if you use cheaper dipes like prefolds or flats. Prefolds or flats can also be used as rags when you're done, or you can also resell most diapers, to get back some of your money. Or use them for more babies for real money savings!

So with cloth, you're saving money and the environment, while looking super cute. But that isn't all! Cloth diapers are soft and comfy too. Plus, they don't have the yucky chemicals that sposies do. However, those chemicals keep sposies super trim without making them less absorbent. Cloth diapers tend to get bulkier and fluffier the more absorbent you make 'em. But who doesn't love a fluffy baby bum?!?!


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